Developer Program Policy

Although AndroBranch reserves the right to refuse the admission of apps to its platform, there are a number of specific criteria for which an app may be rejected:

Apps without permission to be published: it’s essential that the person submitting an app for publication on AndroBranch is the creator of the app, owns its distribution rights or has the developer's permission to submit it.

Apps that don’t work properly: any app that closes suddenly on a regular basis, causes problems of any kind or is compatible with very few devices.

Apps that don’t have a clear and specific function: the submitted apps must have a clear function that does not contradict the information provided by the author.

Apps with excessive and intrusive advertising: apps whose main purpose is to generate profits through ads are not accepted, setting aside their value as software.

Apps that perform any type of phishing or identity theft attempt: any app that attempts to obtain user data illegitimately or fraudulently.

Apps that use trademarks or others’ iconography in an attempt to impersonate them: apps that use icons, images or names registered by third parties, or that try to resemble them as much as possible to try to confuse the user will be rejected.

IPTV apps that include paid channels in their channel lists: apps that collect paid TV channels or software that makes it easier to obtain them.

Apps that collect links to private groups on social networks: apps that distribute user accounts from any social network or messaging service without their explicit consent.

Apps with an invalid icon: Only icons with a size larger than 128x128 pixels and a square aspect ratio will be accepted.

Low-quality webviews: apps that simply display the content of a web page published on the internet without offering any added value.

Multiple apps similar to each other: although there is no maximum number of apps that can be published on Androbranch, our team of editors may reject an app if they consider that the author is trying to publish multiple apps that are very similar to each other.

Apps with insufficient information: submitted apps must contain additional information attached from the developer. It’s not mandatory (but it is recommended) to fill in all the fields, required or not, as well as to attach images and a description of how the app works.

Nevertheless, our editorial team may consider other possible reasons for rejection not listed here based on the app's subject matter (terrorism, violence, hatred towards social groups) or potential malicious use of the app. Likewise, all these criteria could be applied at a later time if an app is updated and any of these practices are detected in its new versions.

Any attempt to circumvent these requirements will be grounds to ban the registered user's account from our developer panel indefinitely.

Likewise, all these criteria could be applied after publication if an app is updated and any of these practices are detected in new versions.

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